Sun Feb 23 21:43:30 PST 2020

Julian's Wyoming Weather

Cold air, and gusty winds are coming back with a force to end the month of February. Expect some on/off snow showers through Tuesday.

Saturday Night Wyoming Weather

Those refreshingly cold Wyoming nights make a return Saturday. Sunday looking to bring in some cooler (warmer) temperatures to the Cowboy state but these breezy winds will be right behind them

Saturday Evening Wyoming Weather

Sunny & Breezy across the Cowboy state. Looking for a chilly night but a little warmer on Sunday!

Tie a Bow Challenge

Social Media Challenge starts Monday, March 30

Friday Night Wyoming Weather

The storm of South eastern Wyoming has calmed down quite a bit and is heading East. Still a chance of some snow showers in Cheyenne however most of the Cowboy State is looking to be a chilly, breezy, clear night to start the weekend.

Afflerbach Elementary Teacher Parade

Afflerback Elementary's teachers parade through the neighborhood, visiting their students while maintaining social distancing.