Enough is enough!

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Many very dark clouds loom on the horizon, forecasting a long economic winter. Market indicators are in a freefall, and it is about to get very ugly for Americans like you.

A couple tenths of a percent in the wrong direction sent the market plunging more than 500 points within hours.

This just demonstrates how sensitive and shallow our economy is. However, it is not the market’s reaction that investors should be worried about, it is what’s causing it to react this way. And the culprit is”Bidenflation” and the failing Biden administrations policies.

Your retirement savings are not a “pet project” to be gambled and squandered with inept policies. Enough with these games.Americans have suffered for a long time now by supporting other foreign countries with your tax dollars. Just recently, the United States Government has sent another 5.5 billions of taxpayer’s money to Ukraine adding on to the massive $31,000,000,000,000 debt that American’s already owe. When will we finally start taking care of our own?

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Hardworking, middle-class Americans are the backbone of this great nation, and our government’s poor management continues to wipe them out financially sending them into poverty.

Crime rates are increasing, inflation is out of control, homelessness is plaguing the nation, and our schools keep delivering poor educational standards. The only solution that our government has is to print even more money and outsource American jobs abroad.

We have fought marijuana for decades and spent billion of dollars trying to combat cartels that thrived off it. Then what did we do? We legalized it and pardoned the convicted offenders.

Billions of student loans were subsidized by our tax money, only to be forgiven in one executive order by Biden himself.

What has happened to the America that we strived for? What has happened to the land of the free?

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