Flockjay Launches Revolutionary Knowledge-Driven Learning Platform to Address Challenges of Distributed Sales and Customer Success Teams, Recognized by GGV As An SMBTech Top 50 Company

Published: May. 2, 2022 at 10:00 AM CDT

SAN FRANCISCO, May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Flockjay, which was recently recognized by GGV as a Top 50 SMBTech company, launches Elevate, its go-to-market elevation platform. With the launch, Flockjay has positioned itself at the forefront of the emerging needs that modern, knowledge-driven sales and customer success professionals will encounter in an ever-changing world – during the pandemic and beyond.

Compile video lessons into courses for your team to review. See a coaching opportunity for a...
Compile video lessons into courses for your team to review. See a coaching opportunity for a team member? Assign a course in real-time before revenue is impacted.(PRNewswire)

The Flockjay team recognized that the current state of sales and customer success has been simultaneously over-serving productivity and under-serving collaboration while also needing to work together across time zones more than ever. Understanding that this need will only increase over time, Flockjay set about to design and build an innovative collaboration and learning platform that increases the speed of high-performing teams.

"Sales has changed dramatically over the past two years. Sales leaders are realizing that the entire sales rep development playbook has to be rewritten," observes Shaan Hathiramani, founder and CEO of Flockjay. "While challenges in training and developing sales reps have existed for years, the pandemic pushed those challenges up the scale from a 10 to a 12. Flockjay Elevate is built from the ground up for the distributed sales team, empowering all reps to learn and share best practices, regardless of where they sit. The Flockjay Elevate Platform is the first of its kind to support end-to-end community learning, continuous skill development, and an inclusive culture of collaboration and career mentorship."

For over a decade, the sales industry has worked from the same playbook to develop sales teams and build enablement processes without any fundamental changes to the system. And, while the past two years have revealed the need for a new set of plays, the industry has been slow to move from an activity-based profession to a new, knowledge-driven career model.

Into the mix comes Flockjay Elevate, built for those on the leading edge of sales success. The company's technology is a value-add, enabling teams to:

  • Implement best practices across teams in Sales, Marketing, Product, and Customer Success by making it easy for anyone to gain access to the knowledge of a team's top performers. This "team intelligence" is packaged as text and short video lessons that can be organized into curated playlists for easier skill acquisition. Team members also have access to exclusive Flockjay content.
  • Optimize peer-to-peer collaboration for any sale, action, project, or campaign. With this capability, the wisdom of the crowd is harnessed to maximize the performance of everyone in the group. This collaboration feature is designed not only for productivity but also to foster community and team culture.
  • Scale feedback in such a way that managers can effectively increase their ratio with reps from 6:1 to 9:1, making it feel as though they are walking the sales floor even when their teams are hybrid or remote.

With the ability to share key content, get coaching, and accelerate growth all in one place, leaders can cultivate excellence and raise the level of entire teams. All this functionality is encapsulated in the Flockjay Elevate platform and integrated into many of the tools sales, marketing, and success professionals use, including Slack, Salesforce, Gong, and Outreach.

"Our product flips learning on its head, taking content from the outdated top-down centralized approach to a peer-to-peer community-driven model in line with the objectives of People-Powered Performance. And that content is packaged and delivered in a format reps are already accustomed to consuming information through," says Hathiramani. "Sales success is a team effort, and the Flockjay Elevate platform supports that success. We know that teams with learning quotas are also the ones to meet and exceed their selling quotas."

The potential of the Flockjay Elevate platform has already excited leading sales figures. "I don't know of a single sales team that doesn't need Flockjay Elevate," said Qualtrics President of Worldwide Field Operations, D.P. Brightful, who oversees a global sales organization with thousands of sales professionals. "All sales managers will want to have a modern platform like Flockjay to build sales teams that win together in a post-pandemic environment."

Flockjay Elevate is available now. For more information about the product, including demos, images, and videos, or to speak with a Flockjay representative, click here.

About Flockjay

Founded in 2018, San Francisco based Flockjay is a growing, Y Combinator-backed company whose mission is to empower upward mobility through education and access. Flockjay has historically provided high-impact, hands-on sales training for groups underrepresented in the tech sector. Their belief that access for all creates more successful teams, and their commitment to unlocking wisdom within teams so that everyone can achieve their full potential carries over into the development of the new Flockjay Elevate platform.

Flockjay debuted on Product Hunt at #1, was a Top 10 Y Combinator Startup by Techcrunch, and the Venture Award Grand Prize Winner at the 10th Annual ASU GSV EdTech Summit.

CONTACT: Bryant Lau, +15102968337, pr@flockjay.com

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