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Survey: Kids’ appetite for online video doubles in 4 years

Lawmakers say social media app TikTok could threaten national security

Instagram kills Following tab, called a ‘stalking’ feature

Twitter says it mistakenly shared users’ phone numbers for advertising

Goodbye, iTunes: Once-revolutionary app gone in Mac update

Verizon reports texting service repaired after East Coast outage

Business Council hosts Intro to Blockchain webinar

Wyoming gearing up to attract tech businesses

Efforts underway to reform emergency alert system

Wyomingites are being warned about pirate websites

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Cold weather ideas to help protect your phone's battery life

Governor Mead announces Cyber Challenge for Wyoming students

The worlds largest supercomputer could be coming to the Cowboy state

University of Wyoming offers new virtual campus tour

FCC chairman explains why he won’t cave to public pressure over net neutrality

Company plans to build hyperloop test track east of Denver

UW Extension financial specialist offers advice following Equifax breach

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