Walk in my Shoes event benefits homeless

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Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - "Walk in my shoes"... it's a simple phrase, and when used in the right context can provoke deeper thinking. That was the goal today at the Walk in my Shoes fundraiser for the Wyoming Coalition for the Homeless.

We often take for granted our modes of transportation, whether its a car or a bicycle, as most homeless people have to walk to get where they need to go. They walk in the heat in the summer and in the cold of the winter, so today's event was a small chance for people just to have an idea of what it might be like to be homeless.

The event started at the Welcome Mat on Logan with free food and drink where people got a chance to sit and talk and interact with some of the homeless people who were on hand. After everyone was full, they walked from the Welcome Mat, down Nationway to Holiday Park where they took a lap around the lake.

The Welcome Mat is run entirely on donations, and Rachel Bennet the director of the shelter was pleased to see a great turnout. There were girls basketball players there all the way up to Air Force personnel as the community came out to support Wyoming's homeless.

If you missed out on today's event and would like to learn how to volunteer or donate, you can visit the coalition's webpage which is linked above.

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