Tight-Knit Church Provides Aid to Single Moms

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CHEYENNE (KGWN) - They say it takes a village to make a change for the better. "This is a blessing," explains single mother, Donna Channel.
One small village has been a great blessing to single mothers around town. "It’s gonna make my vehicle stay up to date so I can take my kids where I need to take them and get to work and stuff," adds mother, Jessica Duke.
Cheyenne's Meadowbrooke Church's 90 volunteers are offering a helping hand on Saturday morning. "I’m checking the lights, I’m pulling the cars up and I’m doing a bit of tire checking,” says Stan Rapp, a church volunteer.
By tuning up their vehicles--with free oil changes, fluid checks and other minor repairs, the church's purpose---is to take some weight off the shoulders of single mothers. "All you have to do is make a phone call and you are on the list," says Channel.
Their goal is also to uplift each woman in their daily lives in hopes these women will turn to faith—even when times get tough. "This is something I know I need to get and I just have not been able to because I help so many people out."
“We want them to know that we care that God cares about them and this is a way we can express that to them," explains Meadowbrooke’s Executive Pastor, Dan Nelson.