This Earth Day, you can order a free tree from Cheyenne Light, Fuel & Power

Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) - In partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation’s “Energy-Saving Trees” initiative, Cheyenne Light, Fuel & Power is making nearly300 trees available to its customers at no charge as a way to raise awareness of how trees promote cleaner air and can help you save money by saving energy.

Beginning today on a first come, first served basis, Cheyenne Light customers can reserve one free tree per household at The 2- to 4-foot-tall trees will be delivered directly to customers from May through early June.

“Our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation in the “Energy-Saving Trees” program offer us the opportunity to expand our legacy Power of Trees program to reach more customers,” said Mark Stege, vice president of operations, Cheyenne Light.

The trees being given away are: Ponderosa Pine, Burr Oak, Kentucky coffeetree, Shadblow Serviceberry.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that properly placed trees can reduce your energy costs by up to 20 percent “This new program will help our customers conserve energy and reduce energy bills through strategic tree planting,” Stege said.

Customers are directed to use the handy online tool at to quickly determine where to plant the tree to gain the most energy-saving benefits. “Trees planted in strategic locations block the hot sun in summer and cold winds in winter to help cut energy usage without sacrificing comfort,” Stege said.

The online “Energy-Saving Trees” tool was created by the Arbor Day Foundation and the Davey Institute, a division of Davey Tree Expert Co. It uses peer-reviewed scientific research from the USDA Forest Service’s i-Tree software to calculate estimated benefits. The tool also estimates the trees’ other benefits, including cleaner air, reduced carbon dioxide emissions and improved storm water management.

“The Energy-Saving Trees Program is about more than planting trees, it's about spreading the word that trees make our communities a healthier, more beautiful place to live,” Stege said.

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