Senator Fights To Keep Kids in Specialty Programs

WASINGTON DC - While focus has been shifted towards the Iran deal and the papal visit, a budget deadline still looms in congress. One us senator isn’t forgetting where he wants to see some of the funding go.

In Pennsylvania alone, Senator Casey says as many as 10,000 children between 3 and 4 years old are being turned away from Head Start Programs. As the budget deadline draws closer, he’s urging Congress to make room for these programs. School is officially back in session.

But Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey says, not for all.““We’ve got to invest in children because if they learn more now they are going to earn more later.“

He’s calling on Congress to close a gap he says is keeping thousands of kids from attending Head Start and Early Head Start. He says in Pennsylvania alone, only about 10% of eligible children are able to attend early head start due to lack of funding. He believes making this investment now, is an investment in America’s future, saying, “In addition to being the right thing to do, it also has a tremendous economic impact.”

Head Start and Early Head Start help prepare kids for school that come from low-income families. Since 1965, Head Start has served more than 31 million children. In the most recent study, federal funding dropped from 2012 to 2013. Senator Casey wants to ensure that in 2015, it doesn’t do the same.

Senator Casey tells me part of the challenge with funding these programs comes down to the year-by-year appropriation battles here on Capitol Hill. It will only be a few more weeks until we find out just how much funding Head Start will receive.

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