Laramie County Library Unveils 3-D Printer

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CHEYENNE (KGWN) - The future of printing is 3-D.
And folks here in Cheyenne don't have to go far to check out this new technology.
We often think of printers as a boring tool pressing ink to paper. But Laramie County Library is unveiling something much more advanced.
The library's Community Outreach Center is introducing their new 3-Dimensional printer. "It's a great creative tool for kids. It encourages them to explore new things and think outside the box,” says Outreach Librarian, Melanie Hornbeck.
And like a box, the 3-D printer is more than just a flat surface. "You program an image, you design it into a certain language and from there it layers the filament on top of each other to create an object." explains Beth Cook, Manager of Youth and Outreach at the Laramie County Library. "There are a lot of different filaments you can use from wood filament to metal or titanium."
Librarians hope this new technoogy will enhance the quality of how they – and parents - communicate and teach kids. "That's the kind of stuff I would love to generate within her. I wanna get her used to science and math," explains Dawn Neal, a Laramie County resident.
Providing not only limitless possibilities for the Cheyenne area and provide access to those who enjoy new technology. "We are bringing the newest and hottest technologies here because we want to help people learn how to use them so we can all move forward together," adds Hornbeck.
The 3-D printer will be available to the public by Cctober.