Hell on Wheels Cheyenne TV Set

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Cheyenne, WY Season four of AMC's Hell on Wheels premiers Saturday Aug. 2, and the fictional TV show's set is a recreation of Cheyenne in the late 1860's. The show is centered around the traveling town "Hell on Wheels," which existed where the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad occurred.

Recently AMC.com released a video tour of the set. The link to that video can be found on the sidebar. According to Suzi Taylor at the Wyoming State Archives the recreated city has both historically accurate qualities and some artistic interpretations to fit TV as well. The plot itself may even hold a realistic story of the early days in Cheyenne.

"It was the wild wild West. There's a reason why these railroad towns were called Hell on Wheels. They sprang up out of nowhere. There was very little law enforcement," said Taylor in relation to the development of Cheyenne while the Union Pacific Railroad was being built.

The entire plot of the fourth season is unknown but from the tour video there are connections to the true history of Cheyenne. Including a paper business named the Cheyenne Leader. According to Taylor and records at the Wyoming State Archive the paper was started in 1867 with plenty of competition.

Play the video above for commentary from Taylor on the historical accuracy of the Hell on Wheels Season Four set. Visit http://wyostatearchives.wordpress.com/ to read the Archive's blog post on the fact vs. fiction of the video tour.

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