Community Says Thanks To Emergency Workers

Cheyenne, Wyo.- They write tickets for not wearing your seat belt. Their firetruck sirens may wake you up in the middle of the night. But everything emergency responders do is for you.

People in the community have been taking the time to say thank you to emergency workers.

Being a firefighter is a dangerous job. Derek Pollnow, Cheyenne Fire And Rescue says, "We have a job where most people are running away from that danger we're typically running in."

A family in the community showed their appreciation for the hard work firefighters do by dropping off a big tray of cookies to all of the Cheyenne Fire and Rescue stations. Pollnow says small gestures, a thank you, even a wave is appreciated by the Firefighters.

Cheyenne firefighters aren't the only ones who have getting positive feedback. Cheyenne Police Department posted on social media photos of notes people in the community have been leaving on patrol cars.

Dan Long, Cheyenne Police Department, says it means a lot to the officers. Nationwide there is a negative attitude, but the officers in Cheyenne have a positive relationship with the community.

That positive relationship has been growing, Long says with people leaving notes people are leaving on our cars, the goodies they're leaving at the police department, and just people stopping us and thanking us for what we do.

You may also see signs around town saying that Saturday is Thank A Police Officer Day.