Cheyenne family rescues fawn

Erika Wedemeyer was walking along the Cheyenne greenway on June 4 when she heard a faint cry. She spotted a young white tail fawn near the train track. After calling Cheyenne animal control and the Game and Fish department, they found out that his mother had been struck by a car on Campstool Rd.

After speaking with animal control it was determined that the Wedemeyer family would be best suited to help nurse the fawn until it is strong enough to live on its own at a wild life refuge.

The Wedemeyer family did research on how to care for the fawn and purchased food and electrolytes to help the fawn become stronger.

The fawn is a wild animal and is not a pet. The Wedemeyer family is working closely with animal control to make sure that it is cared for properly and released back into his habitat.