A Look Inside Magpul's Cheyenne Warehouse

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It's easy to sum up what Magpul Industires is.
Magpul Director of Operations Carey Ryerson can do it in one sentence.
"Magpul manufactures components and accessories for the firearms industry."

But a typical day in the 71,000 square foot warehouse is much more than that. It takes the dedication and skill of Magpul's 150 employees to get the raw materials from the receiving area and back to shipping within a day.

A typical day at Magpul includes the receipt of raw component materials from around the country that are then taken to production where workers covert those materials into Magpul products like precision rifle stocks, slings, and even iPhone cases.

Some of Magpul's employees came from Erie, Colorado when the comapny moved.

Christine Mullins said she's thrilled with her decision to stay with the company and move to Cheyenne.
"It's the people I work with and just Magpuls core values is really the best thing. They really care about us," said Mullins.

But the move to Cheyenne has meant a lot to the local workforce as well.
"The vast majority of the workforce is from Cheyenne," said Ryerson.

Several employees said they couldn't wait for Magpul to move to Cheyenne.
'So when I heard they were moving here it was definitely a company I wanted to be with," said James Gray who owned Magpul products years before starting work at the company.

Employees also rave about the work environment.
"Everybody's so friendly everybody's so nice," said Daniel Loughry who commutes from Laramie to work.

And Tammy Smeltzer sees her co-workers as something much more
"We've become a big family," she said. "We see it at the beginning we see the finished product and that to me is outstanding."

Magpul employees don't just say they're happy to be at work, they say they're proud.
"I have not met one person here who didn't care about their work or where the work goes," said Gray.

Ten more employees started at Magpul on Monday.

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