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About Us


UW Extension offers statewide programs in Nutrition/Food Preservation/Food Safety, 4-H and youth development, agriculture, horticulture, natural resources, ecosystems, and community development education. We believe in "Extending Knowledge, Changing Lives"


In the Natrona County Extension Office, our Nutrition programs give people the knowledge and skills they need in order to live healthier lifestyles.  Some of the programs we offer are:


1. Cent$ible Nutrition Program (  This is a 7-week program for low-income individuals and teaches them how to eat healthier for less money.  Classes include meal planning, MyPlate, food safety, physical activity, saving money at the grocery store, and much more.  Qualifying participants receive a free cookbook and kitchen gadgets.


2. Food Preservation, including water bath canning, pressure canning, dehydrating and freezing.  These classes are typically held in late summer/early fall and teach people how to preserve the summer harvest.  All participants get to take home their own preserved food.


3. Real Food (  This is a 5-week program that teaches people how to shop for, prepare and eat more whole foods and less processed, packaged food.  Offered year-round.  Classes include free food samples and take-home food.


4. Fall, Food and Fun - These classes are offered every Fall and include Bread Baking, Soup Making and Gifts-in-a Jar. Classes include free food samples and take-home food and jars.


All of our classes are between 1-1/2 and 3 hours long, depending on the program.  They all involve hands-on cooking in the kitchen.  Classes are offered year-round and at different times of the day, to accommodate varying schedules.