Address: 125 College Dr Casper, WY 82601 View Map
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Where is the Tate Geological Museum?

We are part of Casper College in Casper, Wyoming. The Casper College address is 125 College Drive, but that is the whole college. If you try to find use with Google Maps, you will end up a half mile away. We are actually on Lisco Drive, which is only a bit better. Casper College addreses have stumped Google. Additionally, our entrance road is not even on google maps.

The following directions are based on the Google Maps version of "125 College Drive": From the base of Casper College, get onto Casper Mountain Road and go south (uphill). Go through the stoplight (wait for it to turn green), continue uphill (south), past the road to the right that leads into the college and then take the next road on the right. The Tate Museum is right in front of you, a bit to the right.

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It is the Tate's mission to provide educational resources to its community and visitors by being a leading Earth Science Education Center in the region through its exhibits, collections and programs.

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