Address: PO Box 1501 Casper, Wyoming 82601 View Map
Phone: (307) 797-0548

About Us

This will be a house that will house 8 homeless teenagers ages 16-19. They will be taught life skills, such as cooking, cleaning, daily chores, laundry, and will be guided to become successful adults.   This will be a safe place where they can come and call it their home. They will have a bed and a night stand, they will sit and have family dinners, they will have everything as a regular home.This home will be their home until their 20th birthday. By then we will have helped them to either move on to college, a trade or job corps.

Mimi's House FAQ

How can the public become involved?
There is an account set up at Hilltop National Bank under the name Mimi's House to make donations. You can reach out if you would like to volunteer with us. Please email or you can call or text 307-797-0548