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About Us

Every year, organ, eye and tissue transplants provide hope to tens of thousands of people suffering from disease, injury, trauma or blindness. In Wyoming there are nearly 200 people waiting list for a lifesaving organ transplant. More than 120,000 are waiting nationwide. Thousands more patients could benefit from lifesaving and healing eye and tissue donations.

Nearly two-thirds of Wyomingites have already made the heroic decision to register as organ, eye and tissue donors. Please talk to your family about your decision to be a donor. You, too, could be someone’s hero.  Click here for common questions!

Check Yes at Driver Services or register above by clicking Join Today, Be a Donor. 

No more Excuses.  Save Lives.

Join the nearly 60 percent of Wyoming residents who have already said yes! By registering on the Donate Life Wyoming Organ and Tissue Donor Registry, you can save lives through organ and tissue donation.

You can designate your decision to be an organ and tissue donor regardless of your age or health condition. By saying yes when receiving or renewing your driver’s license or state ID card, or by filling out the form on this web site, you can make sure your decision to be a donor will be honored at the time of your death.
Find Out More:

    What does joining the registry mean?
    Is my driver’s license or ID card enough?
    Can I take my name off the registry?

Donation & Transplantation: How Does It Work?

This animated video from the Health Resources and Services Administration ( explains the transplant waiting list, how someone becomes a donor, the process of matching organs, and signing up as an organ, eye and tissue donor: