Wyoming teen turned boxing into her passion

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) Paige is just a week shy of 16 years old, and she has turned a sport into her passion. She wants to represent Wyoming and compete in the 2024 Olympics

"Going on five years, I have been boxing for a very long time, I just love boxing, it is my favorite thing, my passion," said Paige Gilbert.

The reason she got involved with boxing she said is because of being bullied in school.

"The bullies, the bullies got me, it just went down hill," said Gilbert.
She said the first day she got to punch the bag she was so mad but at the same time so excited that she was joining.

"Practice six times a week, I practice Sunday, skip Saturday, spend time with my family because Saturday is family day," said Gilbert.

Gilbert is ranked fourth in America but her goal is to be first.

"So I want to try and be first in America, I am trying so hard but I am achieving I am fourth right now and I am going for first," said Gilbert.

Gilbert gets to do something she loves along side someone very special.

"He is, he is my hero actually, he trained me, he made me come this far, I'm just proud and he's proud of me," said Gilbert.

"Coaching your child can be difficult, it is rewarding but yes it can be. We do not butt heads really any more, I had to learn teaching her that not every one learns at the same rate, I may pick up on something instantly and someone else needs more time," said her father and coach John Gilbert. "So that has kind of made me a better coach I think teaching my own daughter," said Gilbert.

John Gilbert said that he enjoys coaching.

"I get a lot out of it, I get to travel too and plus with these kids it is not only for them, when these kids go and win, they are doing all the work but my name gets attached to it as a coach so it helps me out too," said Gilbert.

Paige Gilbert said that they are always accepting new people that want to try boxing.

"We love to accept people, if you want to come by and just look then go ahead, we love to accept new people, this sport is very fun, I just love it," said Gilbert.

For anyone that wants to get involved with this boxing club you can contact Johngilbert55@gmail.com or go to Berserker's boxing on Facebook. To follow Paige's journey you can go to her Facebook page at Malevolent' Paige Gilbert.