Wyoming native should be joining the USA National team for a third season as a Speed Skater

Published: Mar. 27, 2020 at 5:31 PM CDT
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Brianna Bocox is from Carpenter, Wyoming and graduated from Burns high school in 2015. She started Inline speed skating at the age of 12 and transitioned to long track speed skating after high school. "I came from being the best in the Inline world for the United States to starting at the very bottom again, so that was very humbling" said Bocox.

She moved to Utah after high school and joined a transition team that helped her start speed skating on ice. After doing that, she was invited to join the national team. Team USA only sends out a select number of invites to be apart of the team. "Been on the national team for two years, hoping to be asked again, which I should be and that would be three years on the national team" said Bocox.

Her last competition was at the end of February and right now its the off season. Brianna said she expects to be getting another invite to join the national team soon. If sports are back by May, that is when group training will start. Something else she is preparing for is the 2022 Winter Olympics. Next year is crucial for her because it will be her Pre-Olympic year.

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