Wyoming Soccer Association receives grant from U.S Soccer

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) In February the U.S. Soccer Federation approved 2.4 million dollars in grants to soccer clubs throughout the U.S.

"Last fall we applied for a grant with the U.S. Soccer Federation, it is called the innovative to grow fund and the fund exists to create an opportunity for their members to come up with an innovate program that will facilitate grass roots growth in soccer," said Lisa Hulshizer WSA Executive Director.

The Wyoming Soccer Association wants to plant seeds of soccer balls to influence the game in parts of the state where it might not be as popular.

"I've noticed that in Wyoming we don't have a lot of Native Americans participating in club soccer currently," said Hulshizer. "So I thought that was a population we could definitely reach out too and try and get them involved, get them participating in the sport."

The Wyoming Soccer Association has teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe to influence soccer on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

"Right now our kids aren't playing soccer so this grant is going to be a huge opportunity for us to introduce our kids to soccer to have them participate in something they didn't have a chance too before," said CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe Rory Robinson.

They plan to launch this project on August 1 when the new soccer season begins.

"I felt really fortunate that Lisa has done all this work and kind of gave us this gift honestly and that is how I view it, it is going to be something that is really beneficial to our kids and it is all because of her," said Robinson.