Two Boxers from 'Southside Sluggers Boxing Club' eager to show their skills in National Silver Gloves tournament

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- Two boxers, Haevan Gonzales and Gino Brown, will represent the 'Southside Sluggers Boxing Club' in the National Silver Gloves tournament. Last year, they didn't get the chance to compete in the tournament.

Gino Brown, left, and Haevan Gonzales, right, practice before National Silver Gloves Tournament.

"Last year they weren't really ready to go so we told them we'll wait a year," Southside Sluggers boxing coach Ray Montoya said. "For the last year they've put in hard work."

With the chance to go to the tournament this year, the boxers look to make a statement by showing everyone their progress in skills.

"We've put a lot of time with these kids and their hard work is showing every time they step in the ring," Southside Sluggers boxing coach Isaiah Tafoya said.

They look to put the rest of the competition on notice and make a name for 'Southside Sluggers Boxing Gym.'

"Seeing how good the other boxers are," Brown said.

"Winning the belt," Gonzales said. "That's what I want most out of it."

The National Silver Gloves Tournament will be from January 29-February 2, in Kansas City, Mo.