Thunderbirds off to a hot start

CASPER, Wyo. "We all know that it's early in the season and we are not a finished product yet, and we have a lot of room to grow. So the biggest thing is to just come in everyday with a chip on our shoulder no matter 4-0, 10-0, 20-0, just making sure we are constantly trying to get better everyday," said Sophomore Guard Jalen Harris.

They play Friday night against Williston State College at 6pm.

"The main thing is when your on the road is just staying healthy really. Like I said it's a long season, it's early, a lot of road games, it's a lot of people against us, so just making sure we stay together, take care of each other mentally, physically, emotionally, and you know to result in some wins hopefully," said Harris.

The T-birds don't return home until Thanksgiving where they play Colorado Northwestern Community College at 7pm.