Teams from the Casper Soccer Club are staying connected via Zoom

Published: Jun. 11, 2020 at 9:28 PM CDT
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The ten and under girls soccer team from the Casper Soccer Club have been doing Zoom meetings and challenges to keep each other engaged. They have done this weekly to see each other. The challenges consisted of technical soccer skills. Their head coach said she felt it was important for the girls to stay connected to their teammates during this time.

"They are eight and nine and so when you ask them why do you like soccer, why do you show up to practice, every single one of them is going to say because I want to be with my friends," said soccer coach Julie Maiers. "So they do have that competitive edge, that desire to learn but they really want to be with each other, and so it is a positive environment."

Now, the Casper Soccer Club was able to start in-person training with groups of 25 or less. Come June 14 they will be entering phase three which allows them to have larger training sessions. For this summer season they will only play teams within the state. A lot of their tournaments have already been canceled.

"Our new season starts August 1 but, June and July, due to the protocol, we will do 1v1's to keep the numbers small, then small sided games then large sided games," said Maiers. "June we will be evaluating the girls or the players to put them on the appropriate team for the coming fall season, and then July we will have the teams selected and then the teams can start working together."

Come June 28th they will be able to have training sessions of groups 50 or less.

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