Special Olympics of Wyoming Summer Sports Classic adds new sport

Casper, Wyo. The Summer Sports Classic has been going on in Casper for many years now. This years summer competition included golf, cycling, softball, and a new sport bowling.

"Bowling's great because a couple different things, one it's a low impact sport it doesn't take a lot of running or jumping or anything like that. The other part of it is social aspect," said Director of Field Services Dan Lang. "You're not constantly running up and down the court, you're hanging out with your teammates, your friends, your competitors, and just that social aspect is what I think makes it so great."

They wanted to include bowling to grow the number of participants in the summer.

"For bowling we typically do it in the fall, our goal is to expand in the fall, we are trying to move sports around to get more participation throughout the year, and bowling is our most popular sport by far, so by moving it to the summer we are hoping to get another sport that people are interested in the fall," said Lang.

Right now they are seeing more participation during the fall event.

"Simply because of our school age programs, school is in session, so coaches are typically teachers so they like to have their summers off, the adults will come whenever so the fall is definitely biggest," said Lang.

However, they are still seeing improvements during the summer time.