South's Trey Trimble leads in locker room and behind center

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Cheyenne, Wyo.- South defeated Gillette 28-21 at home on Friday for the first time in history. Bison's quarterback Trey Trimble is a big reason why.

"I was scared we we're going to let the game go but in the locker room Trey helped me calm my nerves a little bit," said Dominic Dominguez, South's running back.

South led 21-9 at the half, but Camels tied it up at 21 in the second half.

South's quarterback, who doubles as a defensive lineman and running back for the team, kept calm and led his team to victory.

"We kind of took control even when they had scored and tied it all up. We took a deep breath in the huddle, I told my guys, we need to take a deep breath and we need to just keep marching down the field," said Trimble.

Trimble connected with Dominguez, who took it 40-yards for a touchdown, sealing the deal for the Bison.