South football has to win this Friday night for a chance to make the playoffs

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- The South Bison football team is 1-7 this season. South's only win this season was against Laramie in week 6. South will take on Number 4 Central this Friday and the Bison have to win if they want a chance to go to the playoffs. "We talk about that this is actually a playoff game it has the same ramifications as being in a playoff game in that if you win you continue if you lose you're done" said Head Coach Dan Gallas.

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Just like all football teams, South wants to win and when they lose they work on improving what went wrong. Coach Gallas says they will watch film and work on building the players up. "Well we've got to play well we've got to block and we've got to tackle the game is pretty simple when you break it down to those two aspects make sure when we have it that we secure it and maintain that possession" said Coach Gallas.

South will travel to Central this Friday, kick off is at 6p.m.