Cowboys second half effort, penalty's factors in 41-19 loss against WSU

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Laramie, Wyo. - Wyoming dropped their home opener 41-19 to Washington State on Saturday.

Cowboys head coach Craig Bohl says second half effort and penalty's are the two reasons why the Pokes lost.

"If we get beat by someone and we go out there and get beat, I can live with that and go to sleep at night and get up the next day," said Craig Bohl at Monday's press conference.

"Not that I like losing, but when we don't give our best effort, that's hard. And I think our fans have come to expect a good performance - our coaching staff has - and I think our players have."

Cowboys racked up 104 yards in team penalty's during the game. Something that Logan Wilson, junior middle linebacker, says can be fixed.

"We can't let one team beat us twice, that's the famous quote. You can't let Washington State beat us again against Missouri becuase we're so down in the dumps about not playing very well and not playing to the best of our ability. But the bright side of that is a lot of the things that happened on Saturday, we can fix ."