Say hello to Mr. Wyoming: Parker Christensen

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Cheyenne, Wyo.- Say hello to the future of Wyoming football.

"We're looking for this guy to be the cornerstone of our leadership of our program for years to come," said Justin Mesa, Director of Recruiting at the University of Wyoming.

The Sheridan Bronc is the number one recruit in the state of Wyoming, so it's no surprise that the Cowboys have had their eye on him for the last year and a half.

"This is the guy that coach [Scottie] Hazelton identified going into his senior year," said Mesa.

The six-foot- two, 210 pound athlete rushed for over 1,000 yards as a senior, accounting for 19 touchdowns. He doubled as a tight end for the Sheridan Broncs, netting 315 yards and two touchdowns last season.

His speed and grit is reminiscent of current Wyoming players who, once upon a time, made an immediate impact.

"He's a prototype of the Wyoming player that's really done well," said Craig Bohl, Wyoming's football coach. "If you look at our roster, whether Josh Harshman or Logan Wilson or Logan Harris - these guys are really coming in and playing at a national level," said Bohl.

No telling yet if Christensen is going to get the start next season, but one things for sure, Bohl says he'll play tight end. A position that Cowboys desperately need.

"Offensively we felt like it was going to be critical for us to get a couple guys at that H position that could really stretch the field so between Treyton [Welch] and Christensen, we feel like we were able to do that and we're certainly excited about that," Bohl said.

They're excited about the tape too. Christensen proved himself at Wyoming's summer football camp last year, and solidified his place in Wyoming's locker room.

"We wanted to test him a little bit in camp and see what he was made of," said Mesa. "He came to camp, ran really well, moved around in the drills really well. We put him on the offensive side of the ball, tested him in 1-on-1's and in 7-on-7situations and he performed really well. Before the end of the camp, we knew that this was our guy," said Mesa.