Rainy weather makes for muddy conditions at CFD Rodeo

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Cheyenne, Wy If you have been at rodeo during Cheyenne Frontier Days you have seen all four season in one day. This rainy weather has made things a little more difficult for the athletes that are competing this year. They have been slipping, sliding, skidding and covered mud after their events.

For Saddle Bronc rider Brady Love he said his horse got the best of him. "The horse kind of got the best of me out there and I fell smack in that mud. It's really wet out there it's probably about four inches deep so as soon as I hit the ground I was covered. There was no if, and's, or but's about it."

Love went on to say that he does not train in these type of conditions but he just tries to ignore it and focus on what he needs to do. With more rain in the forecast it could make rodeo a little more difficult for our athletes.