Post 6 Sixers season is still scheduled to start in April

Published: Mar. 24, 2020 at 3:48 AM CDT
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The Post 6 Sixers baseball team is not allowed to practice at Powers Field right now because of COVID-19. The gates are closed and it hasn't been said when they will open again. The Sixers season is still scheduled to start on April 18th. The team is having to find ways to practice at home and Head Coach Ty Lain suggests they play catch as much as they can.

Coach Lain said best case scenario is that the season will start Memorial weekend, so they will have all summer to play. The worst case scenario is that the team wont have a season at all and that could hurt a seniors chance at getting a scholarship. "It's gonna be tough you know a lot of that will go through word of mouth, if there is some point in maybe mid July or August where they can go to a couple showcases but that is gonna come through the relationship that our coaching staff has with these collegiate coaches that we have worked with for a really long time" said Post 6 Sixers Head Coach, Ty Lain.

The team has three seniors on it this year and two have already signed to play baseball in college.