Post 6 Sixers had 140 kids come out to their youth clinic

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- The Post 6 Sixers held their youth clinic on Tuesday at Powers field. They had a great turnout with 140 kids coming out. This was a day for the kids to get to experience what its like being a Post 6 Sixer. They learned how to hit, catch fly balls and how the team warm ups before games. The players enjoy teaching the kids about the Post 6 program.

Bailey Applegarth says "Their little, their coming up to the program, they got the WYCO team so they get to see what its like, what we do on a daily basis."

Andrew Johnson says "I think when they can actually bond with us and know us from more than just an out on the field stand point but more of a personal relationship then their happy to come to the games cause they can be like hey I know that kid I played that kid he helped me out."