Player Profile: Ryan Foy

The state track and filed meet is just a few weeks away, with many athletes starting to set themselves apart. This includes standout pole vaulter from Kelly Walsh, Ryan Foy.

"I think it's just the euphoria of free-falling after you clear a bar. And getting PR's is awesome," said Foy.

Kelly Walsh Senior Ryan Foy sets the bar high for Trojan pole vaulters.

"I think his speed in his strength and his aptitude for the vault has carried him to some places where a lot of student athletes couldn't go," said Head Track Coach Bryan Coventry.

"Pole vault's a really technical event. When I'm on the bus, and when I'm warming up, I'll visualize all the steps of my jump: the takeoff, and the swing up, and the finish, and everything," said Foy.

"He has a great mind for the pole vault. He has a great mind for mathematics. If you have that, then you're going to vault well," said Coventry.

Foy is what you could call a natural at the pole vault, and he didn't even start vaulting until his sophomore year.

"My sophomore year I started to bend the pole around regionals week, and I was able to get a foot and a half PR at regionals. Then next week at state, I got a foot and a half PR and got 4th place, so that's about when I fell in love with it," recalled Foy.

After his inaugural breakout year, Foy continued to raise the bar and won a state title last year as a junior. But it wasn't easy.

"I kind of was sick that week and had a little bit of mental toughness involved there. I was very nervous all those third attempts, but I was able to take a deep breath and get on those third attempts and clear the bar," remarked Foy.

As a returning state champion, Foy has already set 3 new personal records his senior year, clearing over 14 feet. He's now committed to vault next year at Black Hills State University.

"Anytime you get a former state champion who's returning and coming back, someone who has some leadership, someone who's going to mentor some kids in the vault especially, someone who's going to be a fierce competitor as we have seen, he's going to be the kind of guy that rallies everybody else around him. And we can do things that a lot of people don't expect us to do," praised Coventry.

"I kind of just want to take a step back and enjoy it. I'll be vaulting in college, but I know this is the last time I'll be vaulting with my friends," said Foy.