Player Profile: Nicole Klungness

The Kelly Walsh Soccer team has been on a roll lately. In large part to their senior leader, Nicole Klungness.

"Noelle got the ball in the middle, and I saw an opening in their defense, and I just made a diagonal run through. She saw me perfectly and I just took a touch past the defense, and I netted it with my left foot," said Klungness

When Jackson came to town, it seemed like just another sunny, windy soccer game for the Kelly Walsh girls. But senior Nicole Klungness made history. She broke the school record for career goals by netting number 59.

"It was an amazing feeling. I've been looking forward to it all season and even before the season started. It's just really good to get that out of the way and just be able to play for the rest of the season," recalled Klungness.

"Nicole's been a solid player for us since she was a freshman. She's gotten better every year. We kind of looked into the record heading into the season to see roughly where she sat as far as our all-time leading goal scorer. Her and I talked about it a little bit. I was really happy for her to get it today," said KW Head Coach Jerry Realing.

"I'm actually really glad it's against Jackson. Against a good team. It was fun," Klungness remarked.

"Her teammates are really proud of her. How could you not be? It's a testament to her work ethic and just making herself better constantly, so I'm really proud of her," exclaimed Realing.

Klungness is an all-state soccer player. She's KW's all-time leading goal scorer, and has set the standard for the Lady Trojans.

"For those young kids to come in and say this is the standard that I'm going to be held to. It's a great standard. It's what you want as a program. You want high standards. You want your kids to go out and play hard. You want your kids to leave it all out on the field, and she has done that now going on 4 years," Realing praised.

Nicole is not only a star out on the soccer pitch. She's also a school record holder in indoor track, and a 3-time all-stater in golf. In fact, she's committed to play golf next year for Black Hills State University.

"My whole family, and my great grandpa, have always been into golf. I grew up on a golf course, and I live on a golf course, so it's always just been part of my life," Klungness said.

"She could go run track. She could go play soccer. She could play golf, and I think she wants to do it all," said Realing.

"It's really sad. I'm going to miss soccer a lot. But I'm just going to make the most out of it and just make this last season the best one yet," said Klungness.

"When you play as hard as she has, you can't have any regrets. We're really happy for her to move on and go play golf, and Black Hills is getting an excellent golfer, but better yet, they're getting an excellent kid," said Realing.

"I'm really excited to start somewhere new and meet a lot of new people and just for the change. It's going to be a big change and step in my life, but I'm excited for it," Klungness said.