Pink Glove Boxing

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Cheyenne, Wy- Their souls are fierce, their hearts are brave, and their minds are strong, and these group of women can pack quit the punch. At 1906 Thomes Ave you will find some of the toughest women in the capital city who are empowered by each other and the sport of boxing.

"The self confidence you get by knowing that you can stand strong and throw a punch no matter what life gives you whatever the case, you just stand a little taller" says Pink Glove Boxer Jennifer Corso.

Pink Glove Boxing here in Cheyenne teaches Olympic Style boxing. This gym got its start about three and a half years ago and has grown to almost 70 women of all ages.

Owner Janell Mallish says "We have a teen program that is designed for girls 14 through 18 and then we have women who are all the way up to age 65 so really any age and any athletic makeup really do well here."

Learning this style of boxing takes time but they hope to have competitive team one day. "It taken us a while to learn the techniques and a ore group that's educated in boxing and has had the practice so we are hoping so we are hoping that's what we can expand to next" says Mallish.

Decked out in pink Monday through Friday these women are hard at work.. Sparing, punching bags, and empowering each other with one goal in mind to be better than you were the day before.

This is more than a boxing club its a family. While some girls go shopping with their mom's east high school student Faith Powelll and her mom box!

"Other people are like you know, I am go shopping with my mom and I can say I box with my mom."

For moms with teenage daughters life can be hard sometimes, but boxing has strengthened their relationship.

"It lets us have better communication and better conversation after because when we are done emotions aren't so high and with women in general and teenage girls especially that's complicated" says Bethany Powell.

Like all families they have each others backs are there for one another thick or thin. This group does more than box, they love to give back to our community Mallish say.

"We really try to stay involved in the community on most Saturdays doing the 5k's or fund raising events is our main focus on the weekends."

Pink Glove Boxing welcomes women of all ages and whether you have experience or not they encourage you to come join them.