Pedroza takes pitching talents to Murray State College

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Cheyenne, Wyo.- Post 6 pitcher and catcher, Max Pedroza, signed his national letter of intent on Wednesday to join Murray State College's baseball program.

The senior is talented at the plate and on the mound, but hopes to earn his keep as Murray State's starting pitcher next year.

"I think that's kind of my strong suite at the moment. I think once I show them what I can do I can definitely get that starting position but catching is definitely right behind there and that's something I can kind of work on and get a starting spot there as well," said Pedroza.

The Post 6 pitcher says he chose Murray State because of its reputation and coaching staff.

"There are very good program. They've won world series, had multiple regional championships and are a very good squad. Just kind of the hard work and atmosphere is what brought me to making my decision," said the pitcher.