McCormick's football team makes history with 17-0 season

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Cheyenne, Wyo.- McCormick's 7th grade football team went 17-0 this season. The A Team went 8-0, while the B Team went 9-0.

No program in Cheyenne history has recorded an undefeated season, with both A and B teams staying perfect on the year.

Dan Morris, who has coached McCormick's football team for the last 23 years, says this season was unlike any other.

"This was the most impressive group of young men I’ve ever worked with. This group believed in themselves, their teammates and coaches, and trusted the system, and these are the results. I give all the credit to the boys and their parents. Simply a record setting season,” said Morris.

The program had 88 touchdowns over just 15 games and only allowed 7 touchdowns throughout the season.

The 7th graders aren't the only ones doing the winning - McCormick's 8th grade team won the championship this year.