Casper native Logan Wilson is in his senior season for the Cowboys

The Cowboys have started their season out strong as they are currently 3-0 so far. A key player on the team is three time captain Logan Wilson who grew up in this very state of Wyoming.

"It's a very special place, you grow up wanting to go to school here," said Wilson.

Wilson is a Casper native, where he attended high school at Natrona County.

"My junior year of high school I just kind of wanted to play college football, wasn't sure exactly where, you know obviously you want to come here it's the only in state university and it's just a special place for Wyoming kids," said Wilson.

In high school he wore the number five on the field, and was a defensive back, wide receiver and punter who helped lead the Mustangs to a 2014 Class 4A State Championship.

"I wasn't offered until my senior year but at that point I knew this is where I wanted to go, this is where I wanted to make home for the next four to five years of my life because it's not to far from Casper, I'm still within driving distance," said Wilson.

Now, he is 150 miles away from his hometown where his number changed to 30 and his new position is linebacker.

"So when I had the opportunity to come here and play football it was a no brainier for me, I know it was the same way for Josh, but I kind of just took that opportunity and ran with it, and this is my last year playing in War Memorial Stadium in front of that home crowd so I'm just trying to enjoy every moment of it," said Wilson.

In his senior year he has been named captain again, three times total during his football career as a Cowboy.

"Being captain means the guys within the locker room look to you as a leader in times of adversity so that's really the best feeling in the world for me," said Wilson.