Local baseball and softball teams doing team challenges during the pandemic

Published: May. 7, 2020 at 3:53 PM CDT
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The WYCO 2029 baseball team and the 9U Cheyenne Extreme softball team have been doing team challenges and posting the video online. These challenges are a way for the players to get creative and still be able to have team building exercises while staying at home.

The challenges are fun things like diving in the snow and doing push ups while water is getting poured on you. The parents will record their kid doing a fun challenge and then they challenge another team to do something creative.

"It's been fun to see the creativity come out and each team is thanking the health care workers afterwards so hopefully it's reaching those people and we know that they work in a high stress

environment, want them to know they are appreciated" said Parent, Brian Aragon.

They encourage teams to be original and do something out of the ordinary. When a team does a challenge, they will tag health care workers to let them know they are thinking of them.