Lady Thunderbirds 4-0 in season so far

The Casper College Women's Basketball team is off to a hot start this season. They are currently 4-0 so far and are ranked 23rd in the Women's NJCAA rankings.

Sophomore guard Bailey Johnson says a huge part of that is their defense.

"We have always focused on defense, containing the dribble, and that's the biggest thing. If our offense isn't going our way, the we want it, the way to still win the game is defense," said Johnson.

The Lady Thunderbirds have six sophomore and eight freshman on the team this year, and every player has contributed minutes besides one who is out with an injury. Head coach Gunnare said they have a lot of depth on their team this year.

"We have a really big depth chart. Like there's five coming off the bench, and there is no down time. There is not a big difference between the starting five and the five coming off the bench and more. It's just consistent throughout and really anyone can start on our team," said Johnson.

Now looking at the men's team, sophomore guard for the Thunderbirds, David Walker signed to a D1 school yesterday. He will be a Jaguar attending the University of South Alabama in Mobile.