Kelly Walsh Tennis team prepares for state tournament

CASPER, Wyo. The Kelly Walsh tennis team left for states today, as the state tournament starts tomorrow.

"Regionals went really well, I played one of the best games I've ever played and I'm hoping to keep my mental game the same as that regionals game and portray that same attitude into states," said Lily Putnam.

The North Regional Tournament wrapped up in Casper last weekend. Lily Putnam for Kelly Walsh got 1st in her bracket for #2 girls singles. Finley Klinger from Kelly Walsh also got 1st in her bracket for #1 girls singles. The Trojans girls got 1st overall as a team and the boys got 3rd. The Trojans have been practicing and preparing for states.

"Honestly, mostly just a little rest because we've been working hard, going at it hard, I played like 3 matches last weekend, and we're going to have to play 4 if you win all of them so I'm trying to rest it a little bit more but still focus and still keep that good mindset," said Klinger.

"Yeah I'm feeling more ready, last time I was feeling sort of worn out and had to tape my hand and all that jazz and I was just not well rested and like Finley said hopefully we can get rested the week before so we can play our best at states," said Putnam.