Imani Milele visits Cheyenne

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Cheyenne, Wy- The choir group Imani Milele is an inspirational African Group from Uganda. These children come from a past filled with pain, some were orphans, victims of abuse, and poverty. This special group of boys and girls made the trip to Cheyenne to perform. Imani Milele is a Swahili phrase that means "always believe". They travel across the country sharing this message to others.

The group is apart of an organization that rescues, educates and develops more than 3,500 children from Uganda. The choir has been together since 2013. Transitional Pastor Robert Bright of First Christian Church in Cheyenne said "I think it is very special, any sort of cultural education or cultural awareness that we can build not only in Cheyenne but all over the nation is really helpful."

The group performed at First Christian Church on Thursday September 13. This was their second visit to the Capital City. The community also put together goodie bags for the children so they have a piece of Cheyenne wherever they go.