High school girl wrestlers hope to see more females join the sport

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- East and South high school both have a girl wrestler on their wrestling teams. Alleynah Ronnau wrestles for East and Hannah Soden wrestles for South. Alleynah is a sophomore and started wrestling in middle school. "My brothers all wrestled and there was another team that had a wrestler that was about my size and my dad asked me if I wanted to try it so I did" said Alleynah. She says the boys on her team are like her brothers and they wrestle her the same way they wrestle other boys, they don't hold anything back just because she's a girl.

Hannah started wrestling in middle school, quit the sport and then decided to try it again her freshmen year. "It doesn't really matter how they see you it matters about your determination and if you really want to join the sport you should go for it, don't care about what other people think" said Soden. Hannah has a twin brother who also wrestles for South. She said it was hard at first being the only girl on the team but eventually the boys see you as just another wrestler.

Both girls want to continue to wrestle in the future and hope to see girls wrestling sanctioned in Wyoming one day.