East's Chance Aumiller reveals how team upset Natrona

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Cheyenne, Wyo.- No. 3 East upset No.1 Natrona 22-21 on Friday night at Okie Blanchard Stadium.

The T-birds handed the Mustangs its first loss of the season, notching a win against Natrona for the first time in five years.

East's wide receiver Chance Aumiller says his coaching staff noticed a match up problem and moved the wide-out, putting him up against a smaller cornerback.

In the next play, the wide-out caught a 19-yard touchdown pass from Graedyn Buell to lift East over Natrona by one point for the win.

"It was just a great feeling to know the coaches trusted me to make that play and Graedyn trusted me to go up and get it, and really, it was just where the ball was put and it was where I could only get it. It was just a great feeling knowing that I was able to pull that down and having everyone trust me," said Aumiller.