East's speech and debate team earns first place at 4A Sweepstakes

Source: MGN
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Cheyenne, Wyo.- East High School's Speech and Debate team took first place at the 4A Sweepstakes on Saturday in Green River.

Here are the individual awards from the competition:

Jasmine Atkins - 1st in Congress
Zach Atkins - Semifinals in Humor
Reyna Black - Semifinals in Informative
Bradey Buckholz - 2nd in Novice Policy
Marcus Burrell - 1st in Humor and 4th in Duo (qualified to NIETOC in Humor)
Brody Cline - 6th in Extemp
Nolan Combs - 3rd in Novice Lincoln Douglas
Cheyenne Corbin - Semifinals in Drama
Nevaeh Corbin - Semifinals in Duo
Darnell Crawford - 1st in Public Forum
Grace Dahill - 2nd in Novice Policy
Mariah Debono - 2nd in Novice Oratory
Victor Dennison - 6th in Congress
Connor Fertig - Semifinals in Drama
Gracie Fogg - 1st in Duo
Ally Gardner - 2nd in Novice Lincoln Douglas
Tori Hassler - Semifinals in Informative
Jeron Hitesman - Semifinals in Humor
Xavier Jackson - 3rd in Novice Policy
Maeve Knepper - 3rd in Public Forum, 4th in Extemp, and 3rd in Oratory
Anthony Kramer - Super Congress
Kaylee Malgieri - 4th in Duo and 5th in Drama
Aysia Marces - 1st Informative and Semifinals in POI (qualified to NIETOC in Info)
Saga McAllister - 4th in POI and 6th in Humor
Cayden McCoy - 1st in Duo, 2nd in Drama, and 3rd in POI
Josh Mitchell - 3rd in Public Forum and 5th in Extemp
Ava Olson - 4th in Novice Humor and Semifinals in Oratory
Eliyah Ortiz - 6th in Informative
Anna Papadopoulos - 1st in Public Forum and 3rd in Extemp
Hannah Piel - Quarterfinals in Novice Lincoln Douglas
Faith Powell - 3rd in Lincoln Douglas
Cyrus Raine - Super Congress
Ty Ramirez - 1st in Policy
Hailey Rigler - 3rd in Informative (qualified to NIETOC in Info)
Jayden Roccaforte - 2nd in Humor, 5th in Poetry, and 6th in Drama
Israel Rosales - 1st in Extemp
Emma Rudell - 5th in Humor and Semifinals in Duo
Camila Salas-Salazar - Semifinals in Novice Poetry
Tori Sanford - Semifinals in Duo and Semifinals in Novice Poetry
Camden Schmidt - 3rd in Public Forum and Semifinals in Extemp
Braden Smith - 6th in POI and 7th in Poetry
Brendan Stewart - 3rd in Duo
Mike Swideki - 1st in Policy
Mia Vazquez - 1st in Novice Drama
Charlie Vogel - Semifinals in Drama
Will Ward - Super Congress
Kambrie White - Semifinals in Duo and Semifinals in Poetry
Joey Williams - 3rd in Novice Drama
Justin Woolsey - 3rd in Duo and 3rd in Humor
YuYu Yuan - 2nd in Extemp, 2nd in Oratory, and 3rd in Public Forum
Jonah Zeimens - 2nd in LD and 6th in Oratory
Mingna Zeng - 2nd in Informative