East high school football team has been working hard this summer to prepare for the fall

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- Football players at East high school have been in the weight room all summer. The players go lift weights in the morning and go work on some drills on the field for about an hour. The coaches insist that the players attend these summer workouts so they can work on plays and get stronger before fall camp starts.

Senior on the team Christian Anderton says ""its not really mandatory but the coaches really insist on it they want you to get stronger bigger faster its a good way especially coming out right now for football to learn the plays and get the repetition before the season actually starts."

Senior on the team Chance Aumiller says "were all just getting in the weight room to try and get better and the weight room just helps with everything knowing that the coaches will trust you more if you just show up and put in work and be there."

Head Coach of the Thunderbirds football team, Chad Goff wants his team to continue to lift the rest of the summer to prepare for the first practice on August 12th. The Thunderbirds made it to the semi-finals last season and Coach Goff thinks his players can get them back there this season.