East basketball twins taking the court one last time together as high school basketball players

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- Xavier McCord and Demetrius McCord are twin brothers and have been playing basketball since they were five years old. "We watched our older brother play basketball, he went to East high school ,we would watch him and since then we wanted to play basketball and there's nothing better than playing with a twin brother" said Demetrius McCord. They come from a family that loves the game of basketball. "A lot of its just trash talking to each other keeping it competitive whos better but at the same time we know what's best for each other we know our strength and weaknesses for each other" said Xavier McCord.

Xavier and Demetrius both have the same idol, and that is Kobe Bryant. "We used to always watch him cause my older brother he was a huge Lakers fan my mom is a huge Lakers fan so we were brought into it and once he passed, it made us turn it up a little bit its kind of different playing basketball with out him" said Demetrius McCord.

The McCord twins will play high school basketball together one last time this weekend at the 4A state tournament. They have not announced if they will be playing basketball in college but did mention they want to play on the same team.