Disc Golf still open for the public to enjoy in Casper

Published: May. 18, 2020 at 6:09 PM CDT
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A sport that is still available to the public in Casper is disc golf.

"I can remember as a kid I used to play with a regular Frisbee playing object golf, and hit it oh hey there is a tree, lets see how many throws it takes to get to that tree," said Tim Petrea Natrona County Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services Director.

Disc Golf is exactly how it sounds, a cross between throwing discs and golf.

"And that is the design of disc golf, you play where you are throwing towards a target, in our world, it is a basket and we have to rest it inside that basket and how every many throws, that is a stroke, just like regular golf," said Petrea.

The object of disc golf, it is just like golf, you start here at hole number one and throw your disc, and eventually get it to land up in here.

"The City of Casper has two courses, one in Bull Snake Ally which is just across the way here and there is the other course here which is Casper Disc Golf for lack of a better word is what they call it, it has multiple locations with baskets, it has concrete it has tee pads, the City of Casper does a fantastic job with it," said Petrea.

This game of disc golf can take you to compete all over the world.

"I have been able to participate in a lot of big tournaments, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Kansas, and it is fun to go and play because you get your gear in tournaments, you get your gear and you got your bag, I carry about 30 with me when I go, some people are pulling carts, so it has been a neat experience to make friends all over the world just because of a Frisbee," said Petrea.