Cross-town rival, Kaycee at Midwest

MIDWEST, Wyo. Midwest started this season out with a new head coach, Dean Kelly.

Players on the team during the first week of practice said they were excited for this season because they have more players on the team than in years past.

"I hope we do a lot better because we have more people. Last year we only had eight, six at the end of the season, so that was a huge conquer on us because we didn't have many players. This year we got a big change, faster kids, stronger kids, more kids, more subs," said Zack Kohtala, senior on Midwest.

Looking at Kaycee, they were 6-man state champs three years in a row from 2015-2017. Kaycee entered this game with only one loss to the Saratoga Panthers.

"Seasons been going pretty good because a lot of people doubted us with our numbers and we came out and surprised a lot of people, including our town. And from the first week of practice till now, it's been getting a little better because a lot of us are in shape," said Dion Ealy senior on Kaycee.

Kaycee ended up on top as they beat Midwest with a score of 61-0. Kaycee is now 3-1 in the season and Midwest is 1-3.