Cowboys want to pack a punch with running back corps

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Laramie, Wyo. - The Wyoming Cowboys football team is still looking for it's starting running back for the 2018-2019 season.

Sophomore running back Trey Woods is recovering from an injury but is said to be healthy by the start of the season.

Cowboys know they need to have a strong running game and will rely on Kellen Overstreet and Nico Evans to step up this season.

"Sorting through the tailback position is something that we're in the midst of," said Brent Vigen, Wyoming's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. "A lot of injuries there in the spring - it really didn't sort itself out, but that battle continues on as we continue fall camp."

"I thought Nico [Evans] had a good spring game. Trey Woods certainly showed some good promise last year," said Craig Bohl, Wyoming's head coach.

Bohl continued, "We've got a couple freshman that we're going to be looking at and then also Kellen Overstreet's done some good things. Between Trey and Kellen, they have not been cleared for contact yet but one of those guys is going to need to rise to the forefront. It's going to be imperative we get some big running plays next year."