Cookies for a Cause to support a high school senior battling cancer

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now)- East high school senior, Jaden Ramsey found out at the beginning of April that he has cancer. Jaden is also apart of the wrestling team at East and when two young wrestlers found out about Jaden having cancer they wanted to help him. One of the boys mom, Amber Swann said they wanted to make cookies and sell them. She made a Facebook page called 'Jaden's Cookies for a Cause' and has already received more than 60 dozen cookie orders.

"When I first saw that I actually kind of choked up, its really heartwarming to me, it made me really happy to hear that they wanted to do that and its amazing to me that these 6 year olds had this idea and wanted to follow through with it just out of the kindness of their heart, if anything I'm going to be looking up to them just cause right now they are my heroes" said Jaden Ramsey.

Jaden first noticed something was wrong in mid-December when he had a knot in his leg and at the time his doctor thought it was a muscle rupture. "From then on out I started physical therapy just trying to get that knot out because at that point we still thought it was a knot, it wasn't until right around March, mid-March that I was in one of my physical therapy sessions and they were doing electrodes on my leg for a while with my legs elevated on a block, it wasn't until they tried to take that block off that I couldn't move the lower half of my leg" said Jaden Ramsey.

After that, Jaden went to the children's hospital in Denver and that is when he was diagnosed with cancer. "It was metastatic osteosarcoma meaning, its an osteosarcoma that has spread from the place
of origin in this case my leg and it spread to my lungs" said Ramsey.

The doctor told Jaden he would have to do six rounds of chemotherapy and have surgery on his leg. Jaden wanted to join the air force after high school but was told by his doctor that isn't an option anymore. He says he still wants to serve his country and has always been interested in engineering, so that is what he is thinking about for his future now.

The cookies for Jaden can be picked up Saturday, May 2nd from 9am-11am at 2207 bailey court in Cheyenne.